Updates to the Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) regulation Ontario Regulation 359/09 (the “Regulation”), came into force on July 1, 2012. In an effort to meet the requirements of the 2012 Regulation, going forward Bow Lake will be seeking one Renewable Energy Approval for the entire Project. This represents a new approach and a departure from former pursuit of separate renewable energy approvals for each phase of the Project. There have been no material changes to the Project location or design, and the Project is not being expanded beyond the original Phase 1 and Phase 2 proposals – those proposals are merely being combined into one REA Application.

Bow Lake has re-issued the Notice of a Proposal to Engage in a Renewable Energy Project and Notice of Public Meeting, and has prepared a new Project Description Report that reflects the combined project. These documents are made available for viewing online on the Regulatory Approval and Documentation Page.

We continue to work on the Renewable Energy Approval studies and documents for the Project. Public feedback and comments obtained as a result of previous public meetings and consultation activities will be incorporated into the REA documents for the Project. The ‘Heritage and Tourism Impact Assessment’ report as well as related comments from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport are now posted online in the Regulatory Approvals and Documentation Page.