Since the time of application we have continued to meet with stakeholders about the Project and to refine the Project details. As a part of this ongoing work, the manufacturer of the wind turbine proposed for the Project provided us with an updated acoustic specification for the proposed turbine in March of 2013.

Based on the updated acoustic specification provided by the turbine manufacturer, BluEarth undertook to update the Noise Impact Assessment (“updated NIA”) to ensure the most recent information is available to the public and the AUC. Throughout March and the first part of April work was undertaken to complete an updated NIA which was filed with the AUC on April 12, 2013, along with related necessary application updates.

The results of the updated NIA to demonstrate compliance of the Project with the regulated requirements of the most recent version of the AUC’s Rule 012: Noise Control (April 1, 2013).

BluEarth’s updated filing can downloaded from

You can visit the AUC’s website for updates on regulatory schedule including decision by the AUC on revised hearing dates.