Narrows Inlet: Construction activities near Doriston

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  • May 4, 2017

The Narrows Inlet Hydro project has started brush clearing in preparation for transmission line construction.  Construction contractors have also been busy working on the east side of Skookumchuk Narrows and are now ready to begin construction activities on the west side of the Inlet near Doriston.

Below is a list of the work that is planned to begin the week of May 8th on the Doriston side.

. Dock Installation
. Staging area brushed out
. Road grading and culvert replacements
. Brushing of roads

Work on the North Lake FSR will commence in approximately two weeks and continue throughout the summer.

Contractors have been made aware of local residents, and we will be planning work accordingly, to ensure we meet all requirements and take care when working near the watercourses in the area. The Project’s Independent Environmental Monitor will be overseeing all transmission line works to ensure compliance with permits and regulations.