Narrows Inlet: Project Update

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  • February 19, 2016

After receiving preliminary regulatory approvals, NI Hydro Holding Corp. has begun initial site work on the Narrows Inlet Hydro Project. To date, the Company has:

  • Installed a construction camp at the head of Narrows Inlet at the site of the old log sort
  • Mobilized materials and equipment
  • Began upgrading roads and bridges in the Tzoonie River valley and Ramona Creek valley:
    • Work on the Tzoonie Mainline forest service road (FSR) commenced in February
    • Work on the Ramona Creek FSR will begin at the end of February
    • Existing wood bridges and box culverts, which were in significant disrepair, are being replaced with steel structures that follow appropriate industry standards
  • Placed signage at the entrance to affected access roads

Note: While access to the area remains open to the public, access may be affected for short periods of time due to road and bridge work. There is Project signage throughout notifying visitors of activity. Site visitors are required to check-in at the site safety office upon arrival, for their safety and that of others. Thank you for your cooperation.


Narrows Pic 2 LR

Figure A – Marking for anchor bolts



Narrows Pic LR

Figure B – Placing girders onto steel bearing plate


If you have questions or comments about the project, please contact:
Jared Sproule
NI Hydro Holding Corp.
c/o BluEarth Renewables Inc.