Loyalist Solar Project

Capacity: 54 MW
Location: Township of Stone Mills, ON
Operational: 2018 (expected)

Riverview Solar Project

Capacity: 40 MW
Location: 1.5 km north of Radville, SK
Operational: 2018 (expected)

Outlaw Trail Wind Project

Capacity: Up to 200 MW
Location: Happy Valley, SK
Operational: TBD

Yellow Lake Solar Project

Capacity: 19 MW
Location: 19 km south of Burdett, AB
Operational: 2020 (expected)

Burdett Solar Project

Capacity: 20 MW
Location: 1.5 km southwest of Burdett, AB
Operational: 2020 (expected)

Narrows Inlet Hydro Project

Capacity: 33 MW
Location: 75 km north of Vancouver, BC
Operational: 2018 (expected)

Hand Hills Wind Project

Capacity: 78 MW
Location: 28 km northeast of Delia, AB
Operational: 2019 (expected)